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What determines the cost of CNC machining?

2022-08-12 14:10:57 JTC Model Technologies Co., Ltd., 0

CNC Machining Cost Calculation

At present, 3D printing technology has gradually matured and made leaps forward. However, CNC processing is still the most cost-effective processing method and has undeniable practicality in the field of mechanical processing. Since many customers are not clear about the cost calculation method of CNC processing, Today, we will explain the process of CNC machining cost calculation.


What determines the cost of CNC machining?

Before calculating the cost of CNC machining, we first need to know that several factors determine the cost of CNC machining, including the cost of equipment, material, surface treatment, and labor costs.

1. Equipment cost
Required for use in the process of equipment depends on the cost of processing equipment, using more in CNC machining is 3 axis machines and multi-axis machine, usually 3 axis machine usually charge the cost of a 40-50 dollars per hour and multi-axis machine price is as high as 150 - $200 per hour, if you think this price you can accept, Then you can look at CNC Machining centres in China, JTC Machining can offer cheaper prices.
The cost of the equipment also depends on two factors, the price of the machine and the number of hours the machine is expected to operate in a year (an average of 5,000 hours). Mechanics divide the price of a machine by the number of hours it will run in a year to determine their machine shop rate (also known as the cost per hour of processing).

2. The material
Material is one of the most costly factors in CNC machining. Since CNC machining is a material reduction process, the weight of the original material is usually larger than the weight of the final parts. The most common materials used in CNC machining are metals and plastics.
Metal - CNC machining in the more common metal is mainly aluminum 6061, stainless steel 304, brass C360. Aluminum 6061 is used the most. If you first learn more information about aluminum, you can browse "What is CNC Machined Aluminum". Machinists use aluminum 6061 the most, because it combines economical price with good machinability. Stainless steel 303 and brass C360 offer a higher degree of workability and therefore cost more.
Plastic - Because of its lower hardness, CNC tends to process plastic in less time and cheaper than metal

3. Surface treatment
Surface treatment can improve the appearance and resistance of CNC parts. Although there are many advantages, surface treatment will also increase the processing cost. Surface treatment commonly used are the following:

Polishing: Polishing is one of the most used processes in surface treatment. It is the process of using sandpaper and grinding equipment to remove surface impurities and thus increase the brightness of the surface

Anodizing: An electrochemical method of producing an oxide film on a metal substrate. It removes electrons from matter and oxidizes the anode. Anodizing improves corrosion and wear resistance and provides better adhesion to paint primers and glues than bare metal.

Black oxide: The process of coating ferrous metal materials, stainless steel, copper, copper-based alloys, zinc, etc., by chemical coating process. It takes products and wraps them in iron oxide. This provides many benefits. First, it reduces light reflection. This is beneficial because for products such as IR sensors, UV sensors, passive infrared detectors, excess or reflected light can completely change the results. In addition, the black oxide coating is beneficial because it adds thickness to the steel, and even though it is microscopic, it helps maintain the sharpness of items such as drills or screwdrivers. In addition, it helps to reduce corrosion and friction due to the presence of oil or wax. Wax or oil also allows the material to be waterproof.

Powder coating: A dry coating process used to apply dry coatings. Coatings consist of finely ground resin and pigment particles and other additives with specific functions, such as gloss or hardness. The dry powder paint is delivered to the tip of a spray gun equipped with electrodes in order to provide a static charge to the powder as it passes through the charged area of the tip. The charged powder particles are attracted to the grounded component and remain there by electrostatic attraction until they melt and fuse into a uniform coating in a curing furnace.

4. Labor cost
In CNC machining process, the most important labor costs are mainly programmers and operators.
Programmer: This part of the labor cost is the most expensive because it involves design and digitalization costs. You need to outsource your product to a designer to produce CAD files. You can do it yourself to get around this. Next comes the manufacturing engineer, who checks the repeatability of your design and suggests improvements. The last person is the programmer who converts CAD files to CAM files to help the CNC machine understand the design. All this expertise comes at a price.
Operator: Even though today's CNC machining equipment is highly automated, some steps in the CNC process still require an operator to operate the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the proper processing of parts.


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