Application industries
Application industries

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Application Industries

During the past five years, we have provided various of metal components to the customers all over the world.
  • Eutomation Equipment

    Eutomation Equipment

    3D printing and rapid prototyping are a perfect match for branding and iterative updates in the toy industry. Reducing costs and improving production efficiency are the advantages of CNC rapid prototyping. JTC is capable of one-stop toy forming CNC machining services for various known materials. To complete the customer's design requirements as much as possible is our original intention for 15 years.

  • Robotic


    Intelligent artificial robots have become a huge potential area for future development providing production quality. JTC is keen on CNC machining of parts for artificial robots and is proud to turn cold machinery into fresh "life". We have always strictly followed the standards of high-precision accessories and the error range has been kept within 0.01mm.

  • Architectural Exhibition

    Architectural Exhibition

    Architectural display models provide a realistic and accurate representation of the designers' final results. It is very fortunate that CNC rapid prototyping can achieve this dream. JTC has customized exquisite architectural display models for many famous buildings. From gardens street lamps fountains to floors miniature models are assembled. The shooting needs of Ultraman in Japan have become our main service market.

  • LED Lighting

    LED Lighting

    LED lamp shades are often processed by cnc rapid prototyping injection molding surface treatment and other processing methods. Commonly used raw materials are: aluminum stainless steel iron plastic alloy and so on. JTC has rich experience in lampshade manufacturing from small wholesale to mass production from engineer review surface treatment process selection to strict quality control. Welcome to consult!

  • Medical Beauty

    Medical Beauty

    JTC machining customizes high-precision high-quality medical components and sheet metal for medical connection devices and healthcare products. Using stainless steel aluminum copper zinc and alloys JTC has forged countless qualified fittings. From 0 MOQ to small batch and mass production we provide the most suitable CNC solution.

  • Electronic Appliances

    Electronic Appliances

    The competition for electronic products is very large. As a qualified CNC customized processing supplier JTC must stand out in terms of efficiency delivery time and quality. Whether routers (consumer electronic products) or computer casings (computer electronic products) we will 100% complete the processing and production according to the design manuscript.

  • Aircraft Industry

    Aircraft Industry

    Iterative design of CNC machining testing and application of high-precision parts are very suitable for the development of the aircraft aerospace and defense industries. Commonly used materials are: chromium-nickel alloy stainless steel liquid silicone rubber etc. JTC uses metal 3D printing die casting CNC machining and other technologies to continuously improve quality control surface treatment and other processes.

  • Motor Traffic

    Motor Traffic

    As car brands continue to iterate function and shape are more creative which gives CNC machining a huge stage. JTC provides low-cost high-quality Chinese source factory custom CNC parts for global automakers design enthusiasts and auto repair factories. Regardless of car shells car door handles car pedals car brake accessories JTC can be done regularly beyond the standard.

  • Union Security

    Union Security

    JTC's CNC processing is also applied to UnionPay security including the formation of brand image CNC customized processing to assembly of security equipment etc. JTC processing is not only dedicated to improving the quality of life but also maintaining people's property safety. This is extraordinary meaning.

  • Tooling and fixtures

    Tooling and fixtures

    Small-sized life maintenance tools and fixing all conform to the characteristics of CNC machining. According to the design parameters of the product and customer requirements die-casting bending drilling turning milling injection molding and other processing methods are selected. A variety of metal alloy raw materials can make CNC products more wear-resistant corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant.