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Aluminum Fabrication

2022-04-08 14:46:16 JTC Model Technologies Co., Ltd., 0

Aluminum processing
Because of its own melting point, strong plasticity, light weight and moderate price, aluminum is very suitable for the development and planning of a wide range of industries. From the simplification and formalization of the aluminum refining process to the application to CNC processing, the technical level is also becoming more and more mature.
Common aluminum processing includes: CNC turning, CNC milling, aluminum die-casting, aluminum sheet metal forming, aluminum mold making, etc. Each aluminum processing method produces accessories with different advantages and disadvantages. By choosing the right processing method, you will not lose costs and lose your way.
Turning and milling of aluminium
Aluminum parts used in aerospace, automobiles, and robots are commonly used in CNC turning and milling. According to the CAD design files improved by the customer, we use turning or milling to ensure the error guarantee, quality approval, and fast production efficiency for aluminum parts.

Aluminum die casting
Aluminum die casting fittings are a traditional way of producing small to large quantities of fittings. This processing method is low in cost, but the surface of the aluminum parts is relatively rough, and a secondary processing-surface treatment process is required.

Aluminum sheet metal fabrication
Sheet metal processing includes bending, perforation, laser cutting, surface treatment and other processing methods. Aluminum sheet metal, zinc sheet metal and stainless steel sheet metal are the most common metal sheet processing on the market. Commonly used in medical, construction, robotics, etc.