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In CNC Machining, The Following Points Should Be Noted

2022-02-15 16:59:56 JTC Model Technologies Co., Ltd., 0

(1) For the current economic CNC lathes in China, the ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor is generally used to realize stepless speed change through the frequency converter. If there is no mechanical deceleration, the spindle output torque is often insufficient at low speed. If the cutting load is too large, it is easy to be stuffy. The car, but some gears with gears on the machine solve this problem very well.

(2) As far as possible, the tool can complete the machining of one part or one work shift. In particular, the large-piece finishing should pay attention to avoiding the middle of the tool change to ensure that the tool can be processed in one time.

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(3) When using CNC machine to turn the thread, use high speed as much as possible to achieve high quality and efficient production.

(4) Use G96 whenever possible.

(5) The basic concept of high-speed machining is to make the feed exceed the heat conduction speed, so that the cutting heat is discharged along with the iron filings to isolate the cutting heat from the workpiece, ensuring that the workpiece does not heat up or heat up. Therefore, high-speed machining is very high. The cutting speed is matched with the high feed and the smaller backing knife is selected.