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What is CNC machined aluminum

2022-08-10 17:38:16 JTC Model Technologies Co., Ltd., 0

China cnc machining aluminum parts

CNC is a traditional processing technology, through the drill and other tools to cut solid material blocks to process parts, CNC machining parts have the following advantages:

1. The production and processing process is fast
CNC is programmed to complete the mechanical control, the production speed is much faster than the traditional manual processing parts, and can be processed by multiple equipment to batch, very in line with the current parts processing needs.

2. A wide range of materials can be processed
At present, it is known that CNC can process a lot of materials, such as common metal, plastic, wood, glass, carbon fiber, ceramic and so on. The diversity of materials makes CNC processing become the mainstream channel of parts processing, widely used in many different fields, such as aviation, aerospace, automobile and so on.

3. The process is fixed and the error of machining parts is small
Because CNC processing is programmed to control the machinery, the equipment will always keep the same operation law in the process of processing, and the parts generated by CNC processing are basically without too much error. For some industries with close demand for parts, CNC processing has become an irreplaceable processing technology.

What is aluminum CNC machining?

Numerical control aluminum machining refers to the process of cutting aluminum through CNC machining equipment to obtain parts.
Aluminum is one of the metal material is often used in CNC machining, in addition to aluminum, commonly used metal to also, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium metal, different kinds of metals with different material properties, the characteristics of the aluminum is not magnetic, strong, low cost of materials, has the very high corrosion resistance and so on.
Normally, there are five kinds of aluminum used for CNC machining, including aluminum 6061-T6, aluminum 7075-T6, aluminum 2024-T4, aluminum MIC 6, and aluminum 6082. The properties of the five materials are as follows:

1. The Aluminum 6061 - T6
Aluminum 6061-T6 is one of the most popular aluminum alloys in the market, and most CNC machining workshops regard aluminum 6061-T6 as the standard grade of processing. Aluminum 6061-T6 has a very wide range of uses and is easy to process, even can be subjected to many different heat treatments.
Aluminum 6061-T6 is commonly used in automobile parts, such as frames, chassis and so on.
Aluminum 6061-T6 Mechanical specifications:
Ultimate tensile strength: 310 MPa
Elongation at break: 17%
Modulus of elasticity: 68.9 GPa
Hardness: 60 HRB

2. The Aluminum 7075 - T6
The strength of aluminum 7075-T6 is the highest in the five kinds of aluminum, and can even be comparable with some steel, but the price of aluminum 7075-T6 is also the highest in the five kinds of aluminum, and his shortcomings are more obvious, in the ductility has corrosion resistance than the five kinds of aluminum.
Aluminum 7075-T6 is commonly used in aerospace and military industries, including aircraft parts, missile parts, etc., but also in some special sporting goods.
Aluminum 7075-T6 Mechanical specifications:
Ultimate tensile strength: 434 -- 580 MPa
Elongation at break: 10-15%
Modulus of elasticity: 69-76 GPa
Hardness: 79-86 HRB
Maximum Service Temperature: 100°C

3. The Aluminum2024 - T4
Aluminum 2024-T4 belongs to the strength of medium aluminum alloy, with strong toughness, bending and other deformation has good resistance, fracture, but the strength of aluminum 2024-T4 is not as good as aluminum 7075-T6, and corrosion resistance is poor, more sensitive to thermal shock, but nonetheless, aluminum 2024-T4 can still be used in the aerospace industry.
Aluminum 2024-T4 is commonly used in parts such as the fuselage and wings of aircraft.
Aluminum 2024-T4 Mechanical specifications:
Ultimate tensile strength: 200 -- 540 MPa
At break: 14 -- 20%
Modulus of elasticity: 71-73.1 GPa
Hardness: 70 – 120 HB
Maximum Service Temperature: 200°C

4. Aluminum MIC 6
Aluminum MIC 6 is processed by special metal and special casting method, specially used for parts that do not require too high precision, and aluminum MIC 6 has the characteristics of no pollution and no gap, but if the thread is processed on aluminum MIC 6, it is necessary to avoid special fine thread, thread is too fine and prone to failure.
Aluminum MIC 6 is commonly used in some mechanical components and electronic products.
Ultimate tensile strength: 166 MPa
Elongation at break: 3%
Modulus of elasticity: 71 GPa
Hardness: 65 HB
Maximum Service Temperature: 427°C

5. Aluminium 6082
Aluminum 6082 has very close material properties to aluminum 6061, but the strength of aluminum 6082 is slightly higher than that of aluminum 6061. The strongest of the 6000 series aluminum alloys, Aluminum 6082 offers excellent corrosion resistance.
Aluminum 6082 is commonly used in construction, such as Bridges, towers and other buildings.
Ultimate tensile strength: 140 -- 340 MPa
At break: 6.3 -- 18%
Modulus of elasticity: 69-71 GPa
Hardness: 35-56 HRB
Maximum Service Temperature: 130-150°C

Which aluminum is easiest to machine?

If there is no special purpose of the product, aluminum 6061-T6 is easy to process, if there is also a special purpose of the case, it is necessary to choose different aluminum materials according to the use, can be judged by the above aluminum alloy mechanical specifications to what specifications of aluminum alloy, if you need the highest strength, you can choose aluminum 7075-T6, If you need better corrosion resistance, you can choose aluminum 6082. Although there are many types of aluminum, you just need to remember that in most cases, you can use aluminum 6061-T6, which is a more general type of aluminum.

How much does a CNC aluminum part cost?

Although JTC CNC machining Center is very experienced in the industry, it still cannot tell you the price of a CNC aluminum part, because the quotation of CNC machining is determined according to the size, material type, processing difficulty, total quantity and later process of the parts produced. With many years of industry experience, designers and engineers in JTC CNC machining center can help customers develop drawings and select materials according to their needs. We are committed to helping every small and medium sized customer, by email to consult our expert, contact us immediately. We can provide small batch CNC machining of different materials, 3D printing, rapid prototyping, mold casting, sheet metal and so on.