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Advantage and Disadvantage of CNC Machining

2022-05-24 11:34:32 JTC Model Technologies Co., Ltd., 0

Advantage Of CNC Machining

1.CNC machining accessories are divided into manual CNC and programming CNC, and JTC-machining uses the latter to process and produce. Factory 40+ machinery 365 days, 24 hours uninterrupted mass production of precision parts. Nissan peak can reach 100k pcs.

2.Programming and processing have very strong variability, and the parameter values of processing can be customized through G code. No matter how complicated the design is, it can guarantee the mass production of the same accessories countless times.

3.The professional skills required for the operator are lower than those of manual processing. Whether it is turning, milling, rapid prototyping, silicone molding, etc., CNC mechanics can quickly master and operate normally. Involving unknown areas, there are also easy-to-understand courses. Reduced "experience" requirement.

4.Strong industry application characteristics. When manual CNC production of accessories, there will be limitations according to the process and customer requirements. Coding CNC corresponds to almost all industries, including: aerospace, automotive, medical, robotics, bank security, toys, home appliances, etc.

5.Save labor costs. Programming cnc machining machines is easier to operate, and the same operator can operate multiple machining machines at the same time. It requires higher professional skills, but also saves high labor costs.

advantage and disadvantage of cnc machining

Disadvantage Of CNC Machining

1.The cost of CNC programming is much higher than manual processing, even if it has been reduced to a low point in 2021.

2.The progress of intelligent mechanization has gradually degenerated many "superior" mechanics in the CNC industry. It is a pity that the craftsmanship that was once talked about is gradually lost.

3.Science and technology education makes CNC worry about gains and losses. Today's universities or masters no longer teach students the traditional manual CNC methods, but turn to coding CNC processing. Traditional craftsmanship can improve the perfection of processing accessories in many aspects, and intelligent cnc processing currently cannot reach the traditional craftsmanship in some fields.