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CNC Machining Service For College Students

2022-05-16 16:22:05 JTC Model Technologies Co., Ltd., 0

CNC machining services has a wide range of applications, we are fortunate to cooperate with some experimental project teams in universities in Australia and the United Kingdom. I heard Max (pseudonym) say: "We are exploring the impact of recyclable plastic molds on the natural environment, such as water pollution, air pollution index." When we heard this request, salesman Mary immediately replied to him, we The materials and plastic parts required by the research group will be provided at cost prices, such as ABS, PP, nylon, etc. In order to help Max's group complete the data required for the graduation thesis, JTC provides timely samples of accessories.

Injection Molding Plastic Parts For College Students Study

During this period, Max also recommended us to his friend Sily. Coincidentally, Sily is also working with college classmates to study whether robots are potentially harmful to humans? The research projects include: 1. How do robots deal with human self-injury behavior without humans issuing protection instructions. 2. Give the robot the strongest movement, whether the robot can complete the responsibility of protecting the puppy baby alone. Sily told us that their team needs a lot of different models and processing accessories for different robot parts, and they must ensure that the quality is up to standard, otherwise it will directly affect the judgment of the experimental data.

In 2019, we were notified of the successful graduation thesis from Max and Sily, and we are very happy and proud. At the same time, we hope to help more college students. If you don't have more pocket money to pay for the CNC machining parts required for your research, we are willing to help you. No matter which country you are from, or how much does it cost you? Realize your dissertation!