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CNC Machining in Automotive Industry Applications

2022-10-27 17:24:23 JTC Model Technologies Co., Ltd., 0

What are the applications to be made of CNC Machining within the Automotive Industry?

In one form or another automobiles have been around since the 19th century. Their invention changed the way we live in a way, providing quick personal transportation to large segments of the population.

They also created an entirely new workforce, and also introduced a new element that was popular in culture.

The automobile industry is now present everywhere. Even though it was the U.S. dominated automotive production in the 20th century, today cars are made on a large global scale and China as the leading producer of vehicles for the road. Around the globe, 81.5 million cars were sold in the year 2018 in the year alone.

china cnc auto parts factory

In the past century and a half since the first automobiles manufacturing processes for automotives have significantly changed. When mass production of automobiles began around the time that Ford launched the well-known Model T, most assembly work was performed by hand.

Since the 1960s however robots have become a standard in the welding process and assembly within a quicker time frame than is achievable with just human hands.

For specific automotive parts that need to be machined, CNC machines that need to perform tasks such as drilling and boring, the use of computers and automatic control can be an excellent choice for prototyping and production. The processing of automotive parts is universal in its practicality, and many automotive supply chains rely on Oems to provide CNC machining. More auto brands are willing to deliver orders to China CNC auto parts factory, which makes China CNC machining volume gradually bigger and more influential in the world.

CNC machines convert the digital data into sequence of computer commands, which are then sent to a motorized device such as a drill mill, or lathe. The machine tool converts the block of material (the piece of work) into a finished item by cutting it at the right places. It will provide greater precision than traditional parts machining.


What Car Parts are made using CNC machineries?

CNC machineries (including CNC milling as well as CNC turning, wire EDM and other techniques) can be utilized to produce a number of crucial components of the combustion engine in a car. For instance, a massive aluminum alloy block may be turned to create the engine block (or the cylinder block) or cylinder block, the metallic structure that is made up of the pistons that move between them.

While making programming for an CNC machine can be a lengthy procedure that requires a high degree of expertise however, the machine is able to be programmed and perform its tasks without assistance. This means that several engines can be fabricated at a time without an rise in labor.

Cylinder heads, auto components that contain cylinders below the cylinder block often made with CNC machine tools.

Aluminum machining is among the most significant uses in CNC technologies in the automobile sector, however, other materials like the acrylic glass Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) can be used to create various other essential components.

Through the machining of PMMA manufacturing, companies can create illumination for vehicles that includes interior lighting and headlights. Even though these pieces of acrylic require grinding and polishing following CNC processing, the whole process is relatively quick and allows automakers to design new lighting fixtures for their vehicles.

PMMA is often utilized as a shatterproof alternative to glass. It can be used to make windows as well as translucent shields, tanks for fish, and other things.

Other components
Automotive machining is able to make many other automobile parts, such as but not restricted to suspension parts and exhaust components such as carburetor housings, parts of the system, bushings, as well as valve retainers. Manufacturing technology is very useful for customizing automobiles and their particular auto parts since CAD can facilitate the swift modification of the design of parts as well as manufacturing of custom-designed components.


Benefits of CNC Machining within the Automotive Industry

One of the major benefits of CNC manufacturing car parts over traditional methods of machining they are speedy and lead times that are especially shorter during production in low volumes. Because the machining process is done completely by a computer there are no human limitations, such as fatigue should be considered in the procedure. The advantages of speed with CNC are particularly evident when you are producing large amounts of an item, because the computer's instructions can be repeated as often as needed.

Conventional machining could however be more efficient in certain circumstances for instance, when one part of the object has to be made. In such instances the time needed to develop the computer-generated instructions might be more than what it takes to machine one piece manually.

Accuracy & precision
Another reason that automotive makers choose CNC machine machining is the precision and precision in the method. The automated and digital nature of the process offers no chance of error as the most precise CNC machine settings offer precision of +-0.001 1 mm. Naturally, the automotive industry typically requires precision tolerances of this kind, as any malfunctioning in an engine, or any other vital component could result in severe implications for the end-user. Precision machining of automotive parts is usually required for production of final-use metal components however, looser tolerances may be used to prototype CNC components.

Because the identical CNC machine job can be repeated several times without a difference between the components This technology is especially beneficial when a company has to make large quantities of one component. In an industry where 81.5 million cars are produced and sold each year there is a need for massive quantities (with high quality and strict control of the process throughout) is not uncommon.

It is a good thing that CNC machining can be more economical when working in greater quantities, because the actual manufacturing of the product requires less effort than the preparation stage which involves designing the component, writing G-code , and selecting the materials.


JTC Machining: A specialist in automotive CNC machining

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