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How Rapid Prototyping Working?

2022-02-17 15:16:27 JTC Model Technologies Co., Ltd., 0

Rapid prototyping technology is a new technology that combines advanced technologies such as computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), computerized digital control (CNC), precision servo drive, laser and materials science, and the basic idea is that any three-dimensional part can be seen as a two-dimensional planar contour of many equal thicknesses along a certain sitting The direction of the label is superimposed. Therefore, according to the three-dimensional design model of the product composed on the computer, the three-dimensional model in the CAD system can be cut into a series of plane geometry information, that is, the outline of each layer is obtained, and according to these contours, the laser beam selectively cuts the layer of paper (or solidifies the liquid resin layer sintering layers of powder material), or spray source selectively spray a layer of adhesives or hot-melt materials, etc., forming the contour of each section and gradually superimposed into three-dimensional products.

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