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Technical Features of Rapid Prototyping

2022-02-17 14:58:10 JTC Model Technologies Co., Ltd., 0
  1. Manufacturing fast: RP Technology is an effective means of complex prototyping or parts manufacturing in concurrent engineering, which can make product design and mold production synchronize, so as to improve the efficiency of enterprise R & amp; d, shorten the product design cycle, greatly reduce the cost and risk of new product development, for small size, special-shaped products are particularly suitable.

3-5 Axis Water Gun Rapid Prototyping Machine-JTC Machining Parts

2. Integration of CAD/CAM technology Design and manufacturing integration has always been a difficult point, computer-aided process (CAPP) in the current stage because it can not be completely seamless docking with CAD, CAM, which is also a constraint on manufacturing informationization has been one of the difficulties, and rapid prototyping technology integrated CAD, CAM, laser technology, CNC technology, Chemical industry, material engineering and many other technologies, so that the concept of integrated design and manufacturing integration is perfect.

3. Fully reproduce three-dimensional data After rapid prototyping manufacturing completed parts, completely real reproduction of three-dimensional modeling, regardless of the external surface of the special surface or the cavity of the special-shaped hole, can be true and accurate modeling, basically no longer need to use external equipment for repair.