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Specification for the Design of Die Castings

2022-02-17 11:59:24 JTC Model Technologies Co., Ltd., 0

What should we pay attention to when designing die castings?

The design of die castings must take into account the wall thickness of die castings, the casting fillet and demoulding slope of die castings, the minimum distance between reinforcement, casting hole and hole to edge of die castings, the rectangular holes and grooves on die castings, the inserts in die castings, and the processing allowance of die castings in seven aspects.

JTC Specification For The Design Of Die Casting

Specification for design of casting rounded corners Usually the parts of the die castings should intersect with rounded corners (except for the fractal surface), which can make the flow smooth when the metal is filled, the gas is also easier to discharge, and can avoid cracks caused by sharp angles. For die castings that need to be electroplated and coated, rounded corners can be evenly coated to prevent the accumulation of paint at the sharp corners. The fillet radius r of die castings should not be less than 1mm, and the minimum fillet radius is 0.5 mm.